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At PLACE we treat security of your information as paramount and implement World's Best Practice to ensure this. Our security model addresses security in three domains:

Physical Security

  -  PLACE Servers are hosted in secure world class data centres
  -  Access to the server floor in these data centres is strictly controlled, and limited to data centre technicians holding
     electronic pass cards
  -  Buildings are under 24 x 7 continuously monitored, internal and external video surveillance, with additional external
     surveillance by an independent security firm

Electronic Security

  -  All transmission of file data and metadata occurs over encrypted channels (https)
  -  PLACE servers are secured behind industry leading secure firewalls and locked down to only the secure protocol used
     to communicate with PLACE
  -  No user or guest account access to the server OS, and data centre staff have no electronic access to the servers

Access Security

  -  Each Business site and their Client portal have private unique URL’s
  -  All user files stored on PLACE servers are encrypted and keyed to each Business
  -  PLACE support staff have no login access to Service sites or Parent portals
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